Up to 75% Off Retail Rates


Best Available Bonuses
(Depending on Company)

  • Spouse Drives Free
  • Additional Driver(s) Free
  • Domestic Partner Drives Free
  • Age 21-24 - No surcharge
  • Age 20 - Add $20/day

Special Hawaii ONLY

  • Corporate Discount Rates
  • No Travel Agent Fees
  • Smoke-Free Fleet
  • No Pre-Payment
  • No Booking Fee
  • Cancel Anytime
  • No Obligation

Hawaii Car Rentals is an Authorized Wholesale Corporate Discount Vendor Partner of car rentals in Hawaii for major national brand Rent-A-Car companies. When checking car rental rates in Hawaii and making a reservation through this web site, you're actually booking directly with major brand rental car agencies, but with our discount code embedded within the web site address.

We pre-negotiate annually with the major national brand companies to achieve some of the cheapest rates online. Our competitive pricing gives you the lowest Hawaii rental vehicle rates possible. When renting cars in Hawaii through this website, there is no prepayment, no booking fee, and no charge to cancel.

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